Afternoon Confessions with Carrie & Kara

Carrie and Kara take their job very seriously, but you should never take them seriously! This brand new show brings together the best of Carrie's Afternoon State of Mind and Kara's Twisted Mix, they threw it in the blender and this is the outcome! You're going to get music, entertainment, and absurdity all in one nice little show 3 times a week!

Two ladies giving you their honest truth on what's going on in the world today, plus some great segments and much more! It's all the news, just not the way you want it!

Tune In Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1-5PM. They've got a lot up their sleeves for you afternoon enjoyment!


WATCH Afternoon Confessions LIVE during the show RIGHT HERE!

  • 610-826-9668
  • 610-826-9717

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